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Sample Personalized Songs


Each Song Legacy personalized song is one-of-a-kind. Our lyricists write lyrics based on the life of the person or couple being honored, and set those lyrics to original music written by our composers.

All you have to do is contact us to sign up for a personalized song, then we'll send you a questionnaire to fill out and return to us with your deposit, giving us the information we'll need for writing your song. Then choose the music for your song from the samples below, send us one or more photos, and we'll do the rest!

After we've written the lyrics, we'll set up a private web page where you can listen to the song and see the personalized lyric sheet, CD jacket cover and CD label, to let us know if any changes are needed. Then the final version of the song will either be delivered electronically (for downloading from a private web page) or written on a CD and shipped to you.

Click on song identifiers below to listen to the music available for personalized songs, and also read sample lyrics and see illustrations of lyric sheets and CD covers.


Available Song Legacy Music

Examples of songs using our available music with personalized lyrics

Note: The identifiers below (e.g., AC006) identify the compositions available for personalized songs. The categories listed below (Wedding First Dance Song, etc.) are examples of songs already written using this music. You may select the music from any of the songs below for any type of song (birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc.).

Sample Song
  Sample Use
Original ballad by Andrea Carter AC006
Happily In Love
  Wedding First Dance
Custom Christmas song AC037
For You, Mom
  Custom Christmas Song
Sample Fortieth birthday song AC039
  Upbeat Pop
They Say You're Forty 
  40th Birthday Song
Latin style song by Andrea Carter AC036
My Beautiful Daughter
  Quinceanera Song
Romantic ballad style song by Andrea Carter AC035
Valentine's Night
  Romantic Song
Original folk / country style song by Andrea Carter AC034
  Folk / Country
Tonight My Valentine
  Valentine Song
Original ballad by Andrea Carter AC020
So Soon, So Soon
  Mother-Son Processional
Original song by Andrea Carter AC001
  Bluesy Swing
This Couple Is Hot
  Wedding First Dance
Original upbeat swing song by Andrea Carter AC011
  Upbeat Swing
Steve & Lovely Linda
  Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
Original wedding song by Andrea Carter AC004
Crazy In Love
   Choreographed Wedding First Dance
Original wedding song by Andrea Carter AC009
  Bridal Entrance
Here She Is
   Wedding Bridal Entrance

Note: In addition to songs with personalized lyrics, we offer MP3 downloads of original songs composed for specific occasions, along with illustrated lyric sheets.

To get more information or to order a song, use our contact form, send a message to the email address below or phone 831-375-1294.

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